Stock Replenishment - Pugh & Sanders

Let us manage your fastener Stock!

Fasteners are small and usually of low value. If, however, the correct item is not in the right place and the right time, this can significantly affect the productivity of an organisation.

Pugh & Sanders provide and maintain stock replenishment systems for many companies both locally and nationally. Because no two customers are the same, Pugh & Sanders offer tailored stock replenishment packages to suit specific customer requirements.

Stock Replenishment can dramatically improve cash flow and also free your time.

At Pugh & Sanders, we have been involved in many Fastener Replenishment systems.

  • We meet with the Customer
  • Gain an understanding of Logistics and operations.
  • Propose a bespoke and innovative stock holding solution
  • Our dedicated team will monitor and replenish stock as frequently as required.
  • Period reporting and analysis on stock movement ensures we continue to offer the most efficient package.

We would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate how Pugh & Sanders’ stock replenishment system can transform your business. Please Contact any Pugh & Sanders branch, we’d love to hear from you

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