Washers - Products - Pugh & Sanders
Washers TypeDiameter
Flat Washer Types A/B/C/E/F/G M3-M48
Spring Washers (Square & Rectangular Section) M3-M48
Penny/Repair Washers   M3-M30
Shakeproof Washers Internal/External M3-M30
Fibre Washers   M3-M30
Nord-Lock Washers   M3-M30
Taper Washers   M3-M30
Belville Washers   M3-M48
Disc Springs   M3-M48
Schnorr Washers   M3-M30
Starlock Washers   M3-M30
Square Plate Washers   M3-M48
Nylon Washers   M3-M30
Contact Washers   M3-M30

Standard Materials:
Mild Steel | Hardened Steel
Brass | Stainless Steel 304 (A2)/316 (A4) 

Standard Finishes:
Bright Zinc Plated
Hot Dip Galvanised
Mechanical Galvanised 

Specialised Materials:
Super Duplex
Titanium | Nimonic
Incalloy | Hastalloy
Weathering Steel 

Specialised Finishes:
Sheraplex | Dacromet
Geomet | JS500

Other Specialist materials and coatings also available
Sizes indicated are standard - we have the capcity to source any length and diameter
Please contact your nearest branch for more detail