Screws - Products - Pugh & Sanders
Screws Type Diameter Length
Machine Screws      
Pozi Pan DIN 7985/ISO 7045 M2-M10
Slotted Pan DIN 85/ISO 1580 M2-M10 6mm-100mm
Torx Pan DIN7985 / ISO7045 M2-M10
Pozi Countersunk DIN 965/ISO 7046-1 M2-M10 6mm-100mm
Slotted Countersunk DIN 963/ISO2009 M2-M10 6mm-100mm
Torx Countersunk DIN 965 M2-M10 6mm-100mm
Slotted Cheese DIN84/ISO1207 M2-M10 6mm-100mm
Twin Thread Pozi Countersunk   4g-14g
Twin Thread Slotted Raised   4g-14g 5/16-3"
Twin Thread Pozi Round   4g-14g 5/16-3"
Twin Thread Slotted Countersunk   4g-14g 5/16-3"
Coach Screws   6mm-16mm 20mm-200mm
Chipboard Screws   2.5mm-6.5mm 20mm-200mm
Decking Screws   Various  
Self Tapping Screws DIN 7981/ISO7049 4g-14g 5/16-3"
Pozi Pan DIN 7971/ISO1481 4g-14g 5/16-3"
Slotted Pan   4g-14g 5/16-3"
Torx Pan DIN7982/ISO7050 4g-14g 5/16-3"
Pozi Countersunk DIN7972/ISO1482 4g-14g 5/16-3"
Slotted Countersunk   4g-14g 5/16-3"
Torx Countersunk   4g-14g 5/16-3"
Pozi Flange DIN 6928/ISO 7053 4g-14g 5/16-3"
Hexagon   4g-14g 5/16-3"
Taptite Screws
Pozi Pan DIN 7500
M3-M6 6mm-40mm
Torx Pan DIN 7500 M3-M6 6mm-40mm
Pozi Countersunk DIN 7500 M3-M6 6mm-40mm
Torx Countersunk DIN 7500 M3-M6 6mm-40mm
Plastite Screws      
Pozi Pan CR3 2.2mm-6mm 6mm-40mm
Torx Pan CR3 3mm-4mm 8mm-20mm
Pozi Flange CR3 2.2mm-4mm 8mm-20mm
Self Drilling Screw   4.8mm-6.3mm 20mm-100mm
Hex Flange Light Section   4.8mm-6.3mm 20mm-100mm
Hex Flange Heavy Section   16mm&19mm
Bonded Washer      
Tec Cap - All Colours      
Tec Bit - 5/16 Magnetic   4.2mm 13mm/16mm/19mm
Pozi Flange Self Driller   4.2mm 13mm/16mm/19mm
Pozi Countersunk Self Driller      

Standard Materials:
Mild Steel | High Tensile Steel (8.8)
Brass | Stainless Steel 304 (A2)/316 (A4) 

Standard Finishes:
Bright Zinc Plated

Other Specialist materials and coatings also available
Sizes indicated are standard - we have the capcity to source any length and diameter
Please contact your nearest branch for more detail