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Standard Bolting Type
 Diameter  Length
Hexagon Bolts DIN 931 M3-M48 6mm-500mm - diameter dependant
Hexagon Setscrews DIN 933 M3-M48 6mm-500mm - diameter dependant
Pre-Loadable Bolts
DIN 6914 (10.9) M12-M36 30mm-200mm
Threaded Rods DIN 975 M3-M48 1M/2M/3M Length as standard - Cut to measure available on request
Structural Bolts BS 3692/4190 M12-M36 30mm-200mm
HSFG Bolting BS 4395 Parts 1,2 & 3 M12-M37 30mm-200mm
Tension Control Bolts JIS (F10T) M12-M36 30mm-200mm
Shoulder Bolts BS/DIN (4.6,8.8,10.9)
M6-M36  30mm-200mm
Cup Head Bolts BS 4933 (4.6,8.8,10.9) M4-M20
Studbolts  ASTM A193 (B7,L7,B8,B16) M12-M48  Cut to measure
Other Specialist Bolting      
Foundation Bolts BS 7419 (4.6 & 8.8)    
Pre-Loadable Bolts ASTM A325 (8.8)    
Pre-Loadable Bolts ASTM A490 (10.9)    
Assembled SB System (CE Marked) BS EN 15048    
Assembled HR System (CE Marked) BS EN 14399    
Assembled HV System (CE Marked) BS EN 14399    
Assembled HRC System (CE Marked) BS EN 14399    
Type 3 Weathering Steel ASTM A325/A490    
Bolt Extenders BS 3692 (8.8)    
Tie Bar Systems (Sag Rods) BS/DIN (4.6,8.8,10.9)    
Indented Foundation Bolts BS/DIN (4.6 & 8.8)    

Standard Materials:
Mild Steel | High Tensile Steel (8.8,10.9,12.9) Brass | Stainless Steel 304 (A2)/316 (A4)

Standard Coatings:
Bright Zinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanised, Mechanical Galvanised, Sherardized

Specialist Materials:
Super Duplex
Incalloy | Hastalloy

All standard and Fine pitch threads available
Other specialist materials and coatings also available
Sizes indicated are standard - we have the capcity to source any length and diameter
Please contact your nearest branch for more detail

We offer a full, comprehensive range of imperial on the above items